…is a socially and environmentally responsible nonpartisan organization dedicated to empowering society, families, and friends to reclaim the sanctity of death through compassionate end-of-life care, education, guidance, and funeral service.

We believe

… that death is a sacred event equal in importance to the act of birth, which should be marked with reverence.

… in an alternative to the modern impersonal and profit-driven funeral practices currently institutionalized in the United States.

… that compassion can be restored to the rituals of death, through a return to long-held traditions, practices and principles.

… in the use of environmentally sound products and techniques, and encourage the use of local artists, services, and resources.

… that empowering individuals and families to make their own personal choices regarding end-of-life and after-life-care ensures dignified and sensible funeral practices.

… that people always come before profits.

We can help

By respecting and serving all cultural, economic, and spiritual traditions, Thresholds is a resource for:

    • Funeral Planning
    • Consultation and referral
    • Patient rights and advocacy
    • Personal and legal rights
    • Family guidance
    • Education and outreach

 Reclaiming the Sanctity of Death

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