Elizabeth Hernandez Putt, Owner and Operator of Thresholds Home and Family-Directed Funerals, FD 1788

Elizabeth H. Putt, President and Owner

Elizabeth Hernandez Putt, owner and operator of Thresholds Home and Family-Directed Funerals, acquired Thresholds by default – just a few short years after she married Eric. Not certain of the dynamic of in-home funerals, it did not take her long to realize the value and healing qualities of family involvement. She has diligently learned each funerary experience offered by Thresholds and is currently learning the business from the administration side.

Elizabeth comes from the Los Angeles area and brings with her training and experience in the medical administration arena. Elizabeth’s involvement with Thresholds has allowed her to experience real healing from her own loss of a daughter during childbirth. Her devastating experience of loss was compounded by the lack of compassion by the hospital staff and professionals of the day.  Elizabeth enjoys sharing the value of in-home funerals with others who have suffered as she has.

Elizabeth, a mother of three beautiful daughters and grandmother of two wonderful grandchildren, she comes prepared to attend to Thresholds’ families with genuine love, compassion, and empathy.




Eric W. Putt, M.B.A., FDR 2173

Eric W. Putt, B.S.B.A., M.B.A., FDR 2173, Co-Founder, Volunteer Director

Eric Putt, a licensed Funeral Director and Mortuary Manager with Thresholds Home and Family-Directed Funerals, is helping Thresholds implement traditions and rituals used by our forefathers. A concept new to those of us keeping death at a “distance,” Eric is intent on returning legitimate funeral arrangement authority to family, friends, and community.

Growing up throughout North America, Eric, a “preachers kid,” settled in the San Diego area while an Engineer in the nuclear and aerospace industries. While working full time and completing a Master of Business Administration degree, he developed a business plan for a manufacturing business that was implemented within days of receiving his degree. The manufacturing business, supporting the funeral industry, turned into more businesses and Eric was discovering the need for greater impact and opportunities – California State licensure as a Funeral Director was that very vehicle.

Eric currently volunteers with Thresholds and lectures at various institutions and universities on ethics, anthropology, religious studies, and end-of-life issues.




Jeanne M. Bredestege, B.T.A., FDR 4266

Jeanne M. Bredestegt, B.T.A., Thanatologist, FDR 4266, Director

Jeanne has many years of experience in helping people at the end of life. She has recently become licensed as a Funeral Director in order to help complete the cycle. Jeanne worked as a hospice professional for over five years, engaging in special training for the spiritual care of the dying. She is a Certified Thanatologist (Death, Dying, and Bereavement) and provides services as an End of Life Guide (or Doula). Long ago, she earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Theatre Arts and Dance at Sonoma State University.

With a strong feeling for creating ritual and making meaning, she brings a rich integration of all the aspects of life into death care. Jeanne believes in the power of reclaiming the care of the dead in facilitating the grief care of those left behind, and that returning the agency of individuals to care for their loved ones before and after death can bring about a sea change in our culture.





Barbara J. Kernan, B.N., R.N., FDR 2331

Barbara J. Kernan, B.N., R.N., FDR 2331, Founder

Barbara Jean Kernan, founder and owner of Thresholds Home and Family-Directed Funerals, passed away October 27, 2008 at the age of 46, peacefully in her beautiful home in Lakeside carefully attended to by her life partner, boyfriend and fiance, Eric Putt; her son, Jared Radtkey; her daughter, Jessica Radtkey; and loving friends. Barbara passed following a diligent and difficult battle with breast cancer.

Several years ago, Barbara, while working on a PhD in Naturopathy, was asked if she was prepared to die. Her efforts to answer the question led to a personal investigation of the funeral industry in the area. Barbara was horrified by the treatment she received as she tried to view funerary facilities, understand funeral arrangements, and grasp how her survivors would proceed. Barbara was a public advocate and activist such that her mission in life suddenly changed. She simply had to find a way to assure that her family and others would not have to suffer such treatment. Barbara found that coming to terms with death is an important component to living a healthy life. Barbara desired and worked diligently to reclaim the age old traditions that nurture love, community, and healing at the time of death.

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Cari C. Leversee, B.S., C.M.T., FDR 3427

Cari C. Leversee, BS, CMT 3672, FDR 3427, Director 

Cari Leversee came to Thresholds inspired to support families and their communities in Reclaiming the Sanctity of Death. As a licensed Funeral Director in the state of California, Cari desires to aid in restoring the public’s right to choose those very options allowed by law that assure loved ones are attended to with grace, dignity, and extraordinary compassion.

Cari’s inspiration was born out of her experience with her father’s passing. It was then that she realized her own ignorance, felt the fear of death within her own family, and experienced the burden of industry expectations. She knows intimately what death and dying is like and wants to be an integral part in offering something different. This aroused in her a mission to educate people about end-of-life rights, companion empowered people to make choices with their hearts, and advocate for consumers to assure meaningful, dignified, and affordable funeral experiences.

Cari has pursued the thrill of victory in competitive sailboat racing, the keen understanding of physical processes and elements as a chemist, and the sublime beauty of elegantly communicating as a cartographer with maps.