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Thresholds understands just how difficult death and dying can be on each of us. With this in mind, Thresholds’ experience has identified issues and areas of concern within our communities that require urgent attention. Dependency on institutions during these times allows others to take advantage; mistrust prohibits the natural expression of emotion; broken or fragmented grieving inhibits timely healing. These noted elements are imposed by our cultural tendency to keep death at a distance. A distance supported by our society that prevents a healthy perspective of death and dying.

To address this concern, Thresholds has identified educational opportunities that inspire people to challenge current concepts and practices in death and dying. Education instills independence and empowers people, promotes informed choice, and dispels prevalent myths.

Thresholds’ impact in our communities starts in our institutions. As an approved provider of Continuing Education, Thresholds is able to touch professionals to motivate change in policy and perception where death and dying is influenced so significantly. Registered Nurses, Licensed Clinical Social Workers, and Marriage and Family Therapists have a significant opportunity to obtain CE contact hours in an environment of comprehensive learning. Ranging from peoples rights, historical impact, ritual events, recognizing societal fears, to healthy and complete life cycle events, training provides the tools needed by our professional. However, these classes are not just for professionals, all will benefit from the knowledge gained.

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Thresholds proudly participates in local events. Please visit us each year at:

• Earth Faire

• Enviro Faire

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