Let Thresholds help you create a beautiful, loving, and sacred event in your home…

Personalized to your desires. Thresholds will lovingly assist you with after-death care, creating sacred space with the use of materials you may provide, establishing a sincere focus for those involved, and in creating a personal and meaningful in-home ceremony. We carefully facilitate the planning of family-oriented ritual and participation.

We lovingly encourage full family involvement and participation to include: bathing of the body; dressing and placing the body in the area designated for the vigil; development and preparation of the sacred area; and nurturing those present during this time.

Of utmost importance is the participation of family and friends. Whether Facilitated or Full Service, Thresholds recognizes that the level of participation may vary. This In-Home Funeral Price List clearly defines and quantifies the level of participation anticipated or desired in your In-Home Funeral.

Thresholds In-Home Funeral Alternatives

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Keeping costs down may be of paramount importance in a moment of need…

Thresholds endeavors to help by providing direct cremation, direct burial, and other cost-effective alternatives. We recognize costs can become a burden and can hinder the planning necessary for the arrangements of a departed loved one. Direct cremation or burial may just be the affordable and timely answer.

Direct cremation or burial are options available for those with the resolve of keeping costs and the sequence of time to a minimum. Considerably less involved, direct cremation or burial allows for personal time spent in other urgent areas. While we lovingly encourage full family involvement and participation, Thresholds can assist by providing these options and compassionately taking care of your loved one immediately.

Thresholds Cremation And Burial Options

 Cremation and Burial Alternatives Brochure


Additional Services and Ceremony

Thresholds will assist in creatively developing those options the family may be interested in applying to the direct cremation or direct burial. Viewing, in-home vigil, religious ceremony, and memorial service may meet your special need. Please call Thresholds at: (619) 414-2651 for those options you may feel appropriate or needed.


Thresholds Additional Services and Ceremony