Thresholds Family Testimonials


“Although this is a call you never hope to make, if it must be done…this is the place to call. The personal attention to detail, courteous and timely service is impeccable. Thresholds honored, accomodated and embraced all of our personal and spiritual beliefs, practices, and rituals.”   V. Munukutla, Engineer


“Our family found Thresholds to be the perfect choice for us. Their professionalism was immersed in kindness and caring service to our needs. Our wishes were granted and we also got new and beautiful ideas to help created an even better goodbye for our loved one. We can recommend Thresholds without reservation.”   D. Darst, Teacher


“I was directed to Thresholds by a friend when I recently had to prepare final arrangements for my only child. Contrary to the stereotypical mortuary, I wasn”t pressured to select expensive services and accessories. Thresholds came to my house, brought required documents, and even read them to me when my tear swollen eyes could not focus to read. They offered suggestions and alternatives from the standard funeral operating procedures. Honestly they helped me make the best our of a very sad situation. I highly recommend Thresholds, they will provide a higher quality funeral experience.”   S.D. Brewer, Retired Government Inspector


“I only wish that my grandmother could have known how beautiful and wonderful the in-home experience was. I could not have imagined or wanted things to have been any different. We knew her and knew how she wanted to be dressed and how she wanted her make-up. I couldn’t imagine how someone else could have known better than her loved ones. Having the in-home funeral helped us to let go and accept the loss. We will never forget Thresholds for providing us with their love, strength, and the option for an in-home funeral.”   S. Veldhoen, Granddaughter and Mother


Thresholds Home and Family-Directed Funerals

“Empowering Families to Reclaim the Sanctity of Death”